At Spearmans Institute of Accounting we promise to help in kick-starting your accountancy career and seeing you through to completing your studies and attain full membership of the professional accountancy body of your choice.

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At Spearmans Institute of Accounting, we strive towards excellence, delivering top notch education with the ultimate aim of preparing our students for success and excellence in their exams.

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In order to take the ACCA exams you have to be registered as a student with the ACCA. Anyone from any academic background can enrol as a student. The level at which you commence your studies will depend on whether you have any previous qualification or not. The former take the graduate route while the former take the foundation route.

Think Ahead With ACCA

A powerful global presence within the profession, ACCA inspires its members and students towards greater success and prosperity. Benefit from qualifications that are endorsed by employers and institutions around the world, and a career’s worth of valuable resources and support. Employers recognise the prestigious history behind ACCA qualifications, which embodies over 110 years of innovation and excellence. Few reasons to choose a qualification with ACCA

  • You’ll discover a world of opportunity
  • Employers trust ACCA
  • Become part of an active network

Stay Relevant With ICAN

ICAN introduced the Accounting Technicians Scheme. Accounting Technicians have been trained and issued the Associate Accounting Technicians' (AAT) certificate which the Federal Ministry of Establishment has certified as the equivalent of the National Diploma of Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology in the Federal Scheme of Service. A Continuing Professional Education programme was introduced and subsequently made compulsory for all members to ensure their technical competence at all times.


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A great tutor makes all the difference in sparking true learning. With SIA tutors you can be rest assured you're getting the best in educational methods from those who love to teach.

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We provide the right conditions and enabling environment for quality learning to exist devoid of physical intimidation and emotional frustrations which allows for free exchange of ideas

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We posses a high level of achievement in the accounting field which is shown by our degree of skill and recognition and we have also worked with lots of firm providing consultancy on a needs basis

Start Your Career In Finance With ACCA

The first part of your ACCA exam preparation is finding a good ACCA training center where you can enroll and attend class. ACCA has series of courses and examinations you have to take before you can be certified chartered and accepted as a member of the professional organization. The list of courses you will take depends on the factors like your previous educational qualification. You can be exempted from some of the courses if you have a related qualification in which you have taken modules that are the same with some of the courses in ACCA certification.

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