ICAN is a world renowned accounting qualification, which provides its students with the skills and knowledge pertinent to any business. Obtaining the qualification will help to enhance your future career prospects and earning potential, as well as heightening the status of any business in which you work.

SIA with its world class lecturers are well placed to address your needs and goals in an ongoing partnership. Our wealth of experience with the ICAN exams means that we know what you need to do to succeed. We believe that our programmes should fit in with busy work schedules and help develop good professional accountants.

Our aim is for everyone to pass first time and we regularly achieve a good pass rate at each exam sitting. Our lectures are held regularly at weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) with tested and trusted exam focused tuition approach. We operate standardised programmes for the May and November exam sessions every year. 


Foundation In Accounting


The Foundation level is an introduction level to accounting techniques and requirements as well as the business and financial environment in Nigeria, as well as the management of information that is a very vital role for accountants.

Subjects covered in this level are:

A1. Quantitative Techniques in Business

A2. Business and Finance

A3. Financial Accounting

A4. Management Information

A5. Business Law

Foundation In Accounting


Skills level introduces students to the techniques required in the Nigerian market to be a professional accountant and act responsibly in that role, actively preparing students to report according to standard financial information, with reliable skills in auditing, taking special care in applying the law and regulations of the country.

Subjects covered in this level are:

B1. Financial Reporting

B2. Audit and Assurance

B3. Taxation

B4. Performance Management

B5. Public Sector Accounting and Finance

B6. Management, Governance and Ethics

Foundation In Accounting


This covers advanced techniques, skills and knowledge equivalent to Masters level that will prepare the students to operate responsibly and professionally in their roles as advisers and consultants, enabling them to effectively report to the government in acceptable standards.

This level covers the following subjects:

C1. Corporate Reporting

C2. Advanced Audit and Assurance

C3. Strategic Financial Management

C4. Advanced Taxation

C5. Case Study

Other Information

At the completion of the Foundation and Skills levels of this Syllabus, the candidate would have completed a total of 127 Credit Units equivalent to a first degree, while the completion of the Professional level would have satisfied the requirements of a Masters Degree coursework/taught module in any accredited institution globally. A credit unit is equivalent to 13 contact hours.